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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Gift Guide for the Nerdy Foodie

Buying gifts is my love language. I seriously enjoy the process of finding that PERFECT gift (errr.... gifts... sometimes I can't control myself) for someone - something that really speaks to who they are, that they will cherish and love forever and ever. Especially if its something utterly geeky and nerdy and totally different than random things you can find at any regular department store.

When it comes to that special someone in your life who is a huge nerd, in every fandom you know, totally walks on the geek side of life, AND loves spending time in the kitchen, then finding the perfect gift just got so easy!

I've rounded up all the best cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and coffee mugs I can find from all around the internet, for every fandom I could find and placed them into one awesome spot for you! Check it out, and share it around! Who knows, maybe you will get something you love this year!

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Fandom Cookbooks

Cookbooks for Fandom Foodies Gifts

Geeky Glassware

Geeky Glassware - Gits for Geeks

Gadgets and Utensils

Kitchen Gadget Gifts for Geeks

Kitchen Wear & Decor

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